Dr. Ravikumar Ryakha

MBBS, MD (Gen. Medicine), DM (Endocrinology)

Trusted Doctor for Diabetes, Thyroid, Obesity and other Endocrinology conditions in the Kalyana Karnataka Region.

Clinic Info

Research & Publications:

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Dr. Ravikumar Ryakha is the Founder & Consultant Endocrinologist at Dr. Ravikumar Super Speciality Centre For Diabetes, Thyroid & Endocrinology in Kalaburgi (Gulbarga). It is one of the promiment & well-known clinics in Kalyana Karnataka region for Endocrinology.


  • MBBS: B.M. Patil Medical College, Bijapur, Karnataka
  • MD, GENERAL MEDICINE: ESIC MC PGIMSR, Bengaluru, Karnataka
  • DM (ENDOCRINOLOGY): NRS Medical College, Kolkata

Areas of Interest:

  • Paediatric Endocrinology, Diabetes in Young Population & Thyroidism.


  • KMC Registration Number: 88741